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Why Installing A Pool Safety Fence in Your San Diego Home is Important?

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among small children under the age of four. A large number of those deaths occur in residential pools. According to the CDC, every year in the United States, there are an estimated 3,960 fatal unintentional drownings and 8,080 nonfatal drownings. That is an average of 33 drownings per day. (Source:

Drowning can happen anytime. It is quick and comes without warning. It only takes 20 seconds for the unthinkable to happen. Installing a pool fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate can help prevent drownings. Even if you do not have children at home, installing a pool safety barrier is still important. In fact, it is the #1 thing parents can do to keep children and safe! If you are a grandparent, a safety fence will protect your grandkids visiting your home, neighborhood children or any guests. Or, if you have pets, it will help protect them from accidentally falling into the water.

Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence? It’s The Safest, Strongest #1 Removable Mesh Fencing.

If you have a swimming pool and small children living in your home or you have pets, a pool safety fence is a must-have. Here are the reasons why you should install a Life Saver Pool Fence:

  • Mesh pool fences from Life Saver are recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Has been proven to be the safest and has been voted as the Best Pool Fencing By Parents.
  • Superior product with a Lifetime Warranty. We believe in our fence and the company that stands behind it. Every component and part is guaranteed.
  • Our pool safety fences are nearly transparent so you can see through the pool area plus they are visually appealing! It will enhance the look of your backyard.
  • Our solid core fence poles are virtually unbreakable and considered to be the strongest in the industry. The poles are powder coated to prevent sun damage (others use fiberglass that deteriorates).
  • Our fences are available in multiple height options, from 3 ½ ft to 5 ft.
  • Life Saver mesh pool fences are available in numerous color combinations – black, white, brown, copper vein, and hunter green.
  • Our pool fencing is also removable by an adult but IMPOSSIBLE to remove by a child. Because they are mesh, they cannot be climbed by children.
  • Our fences can be installed onto almost any surfacee. concrete, pavers, wood deck, travertine, stone, and even grass or dirt.
  • #1 certified fence installer serving Southern California with child pool safety expertise for over 15 years.
  • Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We do NOT hire subcontractors. You will work directly with the owners, Joshua & Michael Parks.
  • We are Life Savers, not just fence installers. Our mission is to make every backyard in San Diego safe.
  • FREE Onsite, phone and virtual estimates available (assumes clear view of your pool on Google Earth).


    Need a Pool Fence installed? Estimates are free, professional, fair and they are done safely without contact & with proper social distancing.

    A pool fence reduces the risk of drowning by almost 90%


    Life Saver Pool Fence Lives Up To Its Name.

    An unprotected pool is over one-hundred times more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun (Freakanomics, 2005). Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under five in several states, beating out all others, including car accidents and disease. The safety of your family leaves no room for compromise. You wouldn’t buy a car without a seatbelt. You shouldn’t have a pool without a fence.

    About Our Child Pool Safety Fences for San Diego, CA Customers

    Our mission is simple: Save lives, every day. To that end, Life Saver Pool Fence of SoCal installs pool fencing year-round in the greater San Diego area.

    Trained, licensed, bonded installers can put a fence around both in-ground an above ground pools. And, we have installed fences and gates in the most challenging landscapes of Southern California.  We offer:

    • Life Saver Premium Solid Core Fence (for people and pets!). Lifetime Warranty!
    • Pool Corral Pool Fence
    • Self-Latching Square & Arched Pool Gates (solid core poles) with Keys
    • Pet Fencing (for pools, dog runs, garage areas etc.)
    • Installation of Pool Fence you may have purchased already
    • Removable Mesh Fence for Landscaped Areas / Steps etc.
    • Gate & Pool Alarms
    • Handrails for Pools & Spas
    • Solar Lights & Omni Hangers (subject to availability)

    Heights and Sizes: up to 5’ tall and custom sizes available.

    Color options: We have a very nice selection of colors for you, including popular options such as black and brown. Did you know that black pool fencing is the most see through? We provide a full range of colors.

    Timing: Most installs can occur in 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner.

    Who We Install Fencing For:

    • Parents, New Parents, Expecting Parents
    • Grandparents looking to protect grandchildren and visitors
    • People who have a pool but needs fence for insurance and re-financing home
    • People who plan to sell their home
    • New home buyers
    • Pet owners (small dogs)
    • Commercial pools
    • Community or apartment complex pools
    • Rentals
    • Airbnb
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    Areas We Have Installed Pool Fences

    Areas We Have Installed Pool Fences

    A Message from Owners Michael & Joshua

    As a family owned and operated local business, we care about our customers and take pride in the fence we install.  We are part of this community and we live here. With 15 years in the pool industry, we’ve serviced tens of thousands of homes and we know pools and pool safety from top to bottom! We want to make a difference by making pools safer one home at a time.

    Supervision is sometimes not enough. Many drownings occur under the watch of an adult. Accidents do happen, but we can stop them from happening. The only way to make sure a child can not get to the pool is a physical pool barrier. Fences slow toddlers down and isolate them from the pool. Every second counts when you don’t know where your child is and you are home. The last thing you want to hear someone say is “Where is [name of child]?”

    Areas We Serve

    We conveniently serve Southern California including pool fence installations in San Diego, Chula Vista, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside, Ramona, Jamul, La Jolla, Lemon Grove, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Del Mar, La Mesa, El Cajon, Alpine, Mission Valley, Pacific Beach, Oceanside, and Ocean Beach.

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    Is Drowning Really A Problem?

    An unprotected pool is over one-hundred times more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun (Freakanomics, 2005). Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under five, beating out all others, including car accidents. Pediatricians, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Center for Disease Control all agree that an unprotected swimming pool is the greatest danger to a child’s life. You would never put your baby in a car without a car seat/seat belt. You would never leave a firearm out where your child is playing. But for many, pool safety is seen as an optional luxury, despite the pool being statistically more dangerous than both the gun and pool combined. No child is drown proof, and even the best parents have suffered tragedies. 77% of drownings occur less than five minutes after the child was last seen — often in his room, sleeping. The one positive light is that toddler drownings are completely preventable by installing multiple layers of protection: parent supervision, high locks and alarms on doors and windows, Life Saver Pool Fencing, an alarm in the pool, a Safety Turtle alarm worn on the child, and finally, if all these fail, your knowledge of safety techniques and CPR.

    Contact us today for a FREE pool safety evaluation. Call (619) 922-9845 or fill out our contact us form here.

    5 Pool Safety Tips for Parents

    1. Leave the fence up year-round. Although our fence is removable, we recommend leaving it up year-round to keep your pool area safe.
    2. Install a self-closing and self-latching pool gate and pool alarms as well as door alarms. Layers of protection with a physical pool barrier is the solution.
    3. Never leave toys in the pool or anything near a fence that can be climbed.
    4. Never leave a child unattended. Choose a water watcher. Many drownings occur while under adult supervision. Do not take your eyes off of children!
    5. Enroll your child into swim classes when they are young. Teach them to float and swim.


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