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In case you are a dog or pet owner with a swimming pool, installing a Life Saver mesh fence to protect your pet from potential drowning incidents in your pool.

Installing a safety fence is the best way to keep your furry friend safe. Installing our pool fence is easy. However, there’s nothing like professional pet fence Installation San Diego.

Our removable mesh pool fences give you complete control over their safety and protection. Installing a pool fence blocks their access to the pool area, which can become an immediate danger zone for them.

Additionally, having a fence surrounding your pool will prevent them from causing damage to your pool.

Wild and stray animals love swimming pools, especially in-ground pools. This will create a barrier between them and your pool. There’s nothing more unsettling than discovering a wild animal in your pool – or found dead in your pool.

If this unfortunate incident ever happens, simply contact San Diego Wild Life.


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    Prevent Drownings and Damage to Your Pool While Keeping Your Pool Area and Home Cleaner With A Pet Safety Fence

    Sure, a lot of dogs certainly are strong swimmers but that does not mean they are trained or professional swimmers.  Also, even excellent swimmers may be unable to locate their way to the pool ladders or stairs, which can put your puppy in danger. So, we want to keep them secure too, much like young children and toddlers.

    Not all dogs are natural swimmers. At the same time a lot of dogs might be natural swimmers, some breeds or smaller dogs simply aren’t made for swimming. So you need to keep them secure at home with a pool protection fence. Popular breeds like bulldogs or other lap dogs are not strong swimmers and need to be supervised around water. A pool safety fence can guard your amazing canine from unintended drowning.

    These are but a few reasons why you might want to have a pet fence installed for your pool at your San Diego home.

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    Life Saver Mesh Pet Fences

    Why Install A Life Saver Pet Fence?

    Life Saver pool fences have been designed to provide safety for both children and adults in the water, but they’re also an excellent preventative measure against drowning in pets.

    Here are a few good reasons to install mesh pet fences in San Diego:.

    • You can mark a safe area of play for your dog without limiting our pets’ freedom while enjoying nature too! Keep them in the confined space that is designated as their bathroom.
    • A mesh pet fence allows you to supervise your pets while working inside your home or in your yard while they play safely.
    • Pets with vision problems or aging pets may wander off and fall into an in-ground swimming pool accidentally. A pet mesh fence will keep them out of harm’s way. The pet pool fence acts like a barricade protecting them from entering the pool area.
    • It’s impossible to supervise a pet 100% of the time. A pool fence will help protect them.

    In addition, our pool fence can be increased to a custom height so your adorable animals do not jump over the fence unsupervised.

    Custom Pet Safety Fence Options

    The most generally requested top for a detachable puppy pool protection fence is 42”.  However, in case you need a pet fence that is better or shorter to deal with the size of your pet, or need to also preserve your kids out of the pool, we will speak to you at your consultation and install a pet fence within the dimensions that is proper for your own family. When you call us, we will advise you on what to do primarily based on your particular needs.

    On the subject of providing your pets with a safe backyard, a pet safety fence is the smartest choice available to homeowners. This kind of fence will also save you and the dog from running around your pool cover which, you might know, would be a costly mistake.

    Additionally, if you have a prone puppy, an older puppy, or one which has vision problems they’ll no longer even understand they are close to the pool and can effortlessly get themselves into a dangerous situation.

    The 42” height safety fence is the most commonly requested pool fence for pool owners with pets. This size will typically prevent a variety of breeds of dogs and other pets from accessing your pool.

    If you have a pet who is not compatible with this level, let us know and we will provide a custom size pool fence.

    Our pool fences are considered the best Pool Fence by parents. In addition, it is also considered the best pet fence by pet owners.

    Plus, we offer a 100 Year Warranty! We are more confident than ever that our mesh pool fence will protect your pets and keep them safe.

    At Life Saver Pool Fence SoCal, we’re professionals in pool safety fence installations and provide custom removable pet protection fences in your yard.

    Design A Custom Dog Run to Restrict Your Pet to Certain Areas of Your Yard

    Another benefit of installing a mesh safety fence in your backyard is that it can be used as a dog run. You can use this dog fence to prevent your pet from having access to certain areas of the yard or to limit where they can go to the bathroom. It is also a great way to allow them to enjoy the yard unsupervised since you know they cannot escape.

    In addition, you can even wall off an area of your yard that might be dangerous, like a steep decline to protect your pets.

    What to Expect During Your Pet Mesh Fence Estimate

    During the estimate, we will discuss some details like the area the fence will cover, the dimensions of the fence, the color, and other aspects. Our installer will work with you to tailor the design to the exact fence you need.

    A fence from Life Saver Pool Fence SoCal is the only one that will give you that peace of mind you deserve.

    Take a proactive step today to protect your pets by installing a pet safety fence in your home. Contact us to learn more about our top-rated pet fences and professional installations. We install removable pet and pool fences in the San Diego area and throughout the whole state of California.

    Contact us here today to set up a FREE mesh pet fence now or call (619) 922-9845.

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